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Simone Ferrari is a Creative Director, born in Milan in the autumn of 1987.

He is currently Director of Creative Department and Creative Director of Balich Worldwide Shows, a world leader in the field of live entertainment for which he has been working since 2013.
His experience at BWS has allowed him to grow as a professional and as an artist, where he has worked in some of the most complex and challenging environments in the world of entertainment.

At the age of 30, in September 2017, at the Asian Aimag Games, he beats every record and becomes the youngest director in the world to direct an Olympic show with the creation of the show "Wondrous Wind". In 2018 Simone is appointed as Creative Director for X Factor Italy, the music show par excellence, broadcasted on SKY.

With a past as a musician and performer and with a deep sensitivity for the contemporary, Simone Ferrari loves to mix different languages ​​in order to create great shows in which to combine art and entertainment.

Multidisciplinarity and a sharing attitude are the center of his work, he loves creating synergies between different artists and offering the opportunity to all the talents involved in the creative process to express themselves at their best and with the maximum level of freedom.


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