Sochi 2014 Paralympic Closing Ceremony

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Assistant to Creative Supervisor
& Content and Script Supervisor
Music Producer

The thrilling show at the Fisht Stadium was held under the motto ‘Reaching the Impossible’ and celebrated the magnificent achievements of the Paralympic athletes.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Games were some of the most innovative in history from a technological viewpoint. The creative dream of the organizers was brought to reality by original advanced technological decorations moved with the help of a complex harness system with a total length of 3.8km.

In all, for the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, more than 1,600 costumes were sewn and more than 1,500 decoration elements and props were produced.

Spectators of the Closing Ceremony again saw the unique “LED forest”, which was a decoration made of 204 light tubes, each 12 meters tall. If all of the pipes used in the ceremony were put into one row, they would make a line almost 2.5km long.


Marco Balich – Executive Producer
Lida Castelli – Artistic Director, Author & Director
Gianmaria Serra – Co-Executive Producer

Photo by Luca Parisse

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Client: Balich Worldwide Show

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