XF - Water Stage

Creative & Show Director
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For the semifinal of XF we wanted to create something radical and quite crazy, so we covered the stage with a 200sq meters pool, bring on stage 5tons of water to create a complete different scenario for the last episode in the XF theatre, befor moving to the Arena for the final. 

The stage was made of a water surface integrated with a labyrintic set of stairs to create different platforms for the performing stage allowing the performers to create tableaux on and outside of the pool. 

Team & Credits

Creative & Show Direction: Simone Ferrari
Associate Creative Director: Lulu Helbaek
Creative Producer: Lorenzo de Nicola
Coregrapher: Aaron Sillis
Costume & Styling: Nick Cerioni
Broadcast Director: Luigi Antonini
DOP: Ivan Pierri
Set & Props Designer: Luigi Maresca - GGscene
Concept Artist: Filippo Baracchi
Video Designer: Mati Production

Executive Production: Fremantle Media Italy
Broadcasted by Sky

Photo: Virginia Bettoja, Andrea Veroni. Courtesy of Fremantle Media.